We are developing a system that consists of a combination of different sensors which monitor the human bio-mechanics during physical rehabilitation. This wearable system consists of several sensors, which receive data from a number of sensory-bundles. Data is being transferred via wireless communication to a mobile app for analysis, visualization and communication purposes. The user experience will include different applications in real time: detection of the position of the upper extremities, detection of the position of the hands, detection of the position of the lower extremities, detection of the position of the feet as well as the detection of the position of the head.

Our system allows free movement and monitoring during rehab since it is very small and has no cables which connect the patient and the device collecting the data. This allows us to monitor the patient in real time, to collect data remotely and analyze it. The main drawback includes mistakes in measurement which occur due to different noise sources like dynamic acceleration and magnetic interference. Other existing solutions may have very a detailed analytic but these systems also have a big cost related problem (they are available only in exclusive rehabilitation centers, and are therefore not available for a broad range of users).

One part of the system can easily be placed over the clothing or on the skin of the patient and can also easily be removed, it is made out of hypoallergenic silicone and is hermetically sealed (resistant to dust and moisture) and can easily be disinfected. Only a single person is needed to operate the system (the patient or a healthcare professional). The performance of the system will be improved with a more advanced signal processing, including an improved data filtration and improved sensor algorithms.

This long term monitoring of physiological and pathological data with the “InovaStroke” can lead to a significant improvement in diagnostics and treatment of diseases linked with neuro-muscular and osseous disorders. Experts insist on a continuous and real time monitoring which can be achieved by using portable and wireless sensor networks, this is what “InovaStroke” is all about.